Stakeholder Consultation: Proposed Expansion

We are very excited to announce our consultation regarding the proposed expansion of Gosforth Park First School.

You may already know that Broadway East First School are relocating to Newcastle Great Park later this year. Therefore, from September 2022 Gosforth Park First School will become the only school on the current dual school site. This means that we have the opportunity to reconfigure the whole building and so be less cramped in our classroom and break out spaces.

 Currently Gosforth Park First School is a one and a half form entry first school, with 45 pupils in each year group. The consultation proposes a remodeling and refurbishment of the building with Gosforth Park First School moving from its existing size to become a two form entry first school, with 60 pupils in each year group.

Please see the attached consultation documentation for further information.

The questionnaire can be returned to the office in paper copy, via email to or completed online at


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Mrs Lamb


Frequently asked questions


Will the school take in 60 pupils in each year group straight away?

No – we plan to first admit 15 extra pupils in Reception and this cohort of 60 will then move through school.  We then plan to admit 15 additional pupils in each following Reception year group.  It would take 5 years before we were a 2 form entry school from Reception to Year 4.

Will there be lots of extra classes and teachers?

No, we plan to only have one extra Key Stage One class with one extra teacher in the second year of expansion and then eventually one extra Key Stage Two class with one extra teacher.

When will your reception intake be increased to 60?

The published admission number (PAN) for the school wouldn’t increase to 60 until September 2023 as we need to complete the statutory School Organisation process for enlargement of the school premises prior to this being implemented.

However, the governing body can agree to admit over the PAN to 60 places in total in September 2022 if the places are needed to meet local need and not adversely affect other neighbouring Gosforth schools. The closing date for on-time reception applications for September 2022 was only last week, so this will be confirmed once the Local Authority has all the relevant information, including the applications from neighbouring local authorities, and has analysed it. This will happen prior to primary National Offer Day on 15 April and we will provide an update once this is confirmed.