Early Reading


Our school reading policy is based upon a well-established body of evidential research that proves the benefits for children of reading for pleasure for both educational purposes as well as personal development.

We recognise the distinction between learning to read and reading to learn and understand the importance of structuring the teaching of reading appropriately through Early Years, Key Stage 1 to lower Key Stage 2.

Early Reading

Our staff understand the prominence of early reading and the importance of this secure foundation for ongoing success. Staff share a variety of classic and modern children’s picture books to encourage an early engagement with, and a love of, reading. 

Daily phonics is taught from Nursery through Reception using the Letters and Sounds Scheme. Resources are used to support letter sound awareness and opportunities are given to engage in play writing and reading through relevant literature linked to topics or role play areas.

  • Guided and supported individual reading in Reception is linked to phonic progression through Letters and Sounds.

  • Children’s take home reading books are directly linked to their phonics phase and current teaching focus to consolidate and reinforce the teaching in class.

Phonics – Year 1 and 2

Daily phonics is taught in Year 1. Our aim is for all children to have completed phase 5 phonics and passed the Phonics Screen in Year 1. In Year 2 it is expected that the majority of children will move to the Spelling Bee Scheme, (this is linked to phase 6 phonics). Any children who have not achieved the expected standard in phonics are supported in small bespoke intervention groups.

Home Reading

We encourage all parents and carers to read daily at home with their child. Classes will have different arrangements for changing books which are shared with parents and carers. Reading diaries are used to record engagement in home reading and share children’s progress through the book band levels.

The Oxford Reading Buddy ebook reading scheme is also available for all children to use at home to support and enhance our reading provision.

Guided Reading – Reading, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Guided reading is taught in groups of six in Reception and Key Stage 1 following the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme structured around book bands. A whole class guided reading approach is followed in Key Stage 2 based on the Literature Works method using quality children’s books to develop our reading for pleasure agenda. Any children who are working below age related expectations are supported in additional daily 1:1 targeted reading sessions.

The overarching aim for English in the National Curriculum is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.

(National Curriculum, DfE 2014)

At Gosforth Park First School we are passionate about the pre-eminent importance of English both as a subject in its own right and as means for accessing the entire school curriculum from Primary to Secondary and we aim to support all children to achieve their potential.