Friends of GPFS

Friends of Gosforth Park First School

What is FGPFS? 

FGPFS stands for Friends of Gosforth Park First School, and operates like a Parents Teachers Association (PTA). We are a Registered Charity (number 1014640). When your child joins the school you automatically become a member and you’re very welcome to help in any way you can.

What does FGPFS do?

FGPFS arrange fun events for pupils and their families to raise money for the school - Easter Fun Day, Summer Fayre, School Disco’s, Book Fair, and Parents’ Quiz Nights - are all organised and staffed by FGPFS.

School budgets are tight, and this fundraising really helps the school by providing what the local authority budget just won’t stretch to, things that enrich your children’s time at school.

Funds raised by FGPFS have paid for:

  • Rainbow picnic benches
  • Baby Belling Ovens in nursery
  • Coaches for school trips
  • Outdoor equipment containers
  • Medals for Sports Day
  • Many books and resources
  • Staging for school productions
  • Digital cameras to use in class
  • Playground games markings




What can I do ?

You can help organise events by attending FGPFS meetings which are advertised around school, in the newsletter, by e-mail and text. FGPFS is a very open and friendly group, and all members have a say in what we do.

You can serve teas and coffees at class assemblies and productions, give raffle prizes and cakes for sales, do stalls at events, decorate the Christmas Surprise Room and wrap the gifts children choose ..… even if you can only spare an hour, there is always something to do!

Why should I get involved ?

Because we really do need your help! FGPFS is run by parents and carers, and can’t operate without your support.  And it’s a great way to meet other parents and become involved in your child’s school.

Why not come along to a meeting and see how you can make a difference?

Contact to be added to our email group.