Who Are We?

We are all volunteers. We are all parents/carers of a child at GPFS and we want to do our bit to make sure the school has what it needs. We’ve had a line up change on the PTFA, we’re all relatively new to the roles and we’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to try something different. The aim is to lessen the burden and share the load, and so far its working! We’re hoping to make it as fun and easy to be a member as possible.
Whilst all parents/carers/guardians/friends of pupils at GPFS are automatically members some decide to take on official roles to help keep the PTFA running smoothly and efficiently.

The roles are currently:

Vice Chairperson
Committee Representative
Class Representatives (2 per class)

Job Descriptions:

  • Gets to know all existing and new members of the PTFA committee
  • Welcomes and involves new members
  • Provides leadership and coordinates members and ensures all events have an assigned coordinator
  • Sign approval for minutes of last meeting
  • Sets agenda for meetings
  • Runs meetings in efficient and timely manner, ensuring everyone is able to contribute
  • Agrees date for meetings
  • Presents presentation at New Reception Parents Evening
  • Writes content on behalf of PTFA for school newsletters to keep all members informed of current
  • events, achievements and any other news.
  • Ensures all other official roles are covered
  • Supports members in their designated roles
  • Works closely with school office to circulate information via email, text and website
  • Publicises PTFA events and fund raising initiatives
  • Ensures posters and banners are displayed around school in good time
  • Ensures all PTFA information is kept up to date

Vice Chairperson
  • To raise profile of PTFA at school
  • Chair meetings in absence of Chairperson
  • Support Class Representatives as required
  • Welcome and involve new members
  • Help prepare and present at New Reception Parents Evening
  • Actively recruit new members

  • Deal with all correspondance
  • Take minutes at meetings
  • Type up minutes and send to all of committee for approval before sending to Head Teacher for
  • publication on school website

  • Day to day management of accounts including issuing bills and receipts on behalf of PTFA, and make
  • payments.
  • Prepare and update financial ledgerson a regular basis
  • Complete banking transactions on a regular basis
  • Organise floats for events, collect and reconcile monies raised at events and report totals to commitee
  • Prepare and report financial statements for PTFA meetings
  • Charity registration

Committee Representatives
  • Actively participate with the PTFA committee, attending and contributing at meetings and assisting at events.
  • Support the Class reps as required
  • Take on event organiser responsibilities as required
  • Recruit new members and volunteers
Class Reps
  • Actively encourage other parents to volunteer at PTFA events
  • Answer any parent questions
  • Maintain contact lists (email/text) in line with current data protection
  • Organise class specific events (e.g coffee morning, cake stalls)
  • Liaise with class teacher for any help from PTFA required

Whilst Class Reps will take the lead on organising Class specific events, for whole school events we take turns in being the Event Organiser. By sharing this responsibility we ensure the work isn’t too much for one person and allows everyone the opportunity to manage at least one of the school events with the full support of the PTFA committee.