What Do We Do?

Our main purpose is to raise money. The school budget can only cover so much so the money we raise goes
back into school so the children have everything they need to learn and have fun. We help buy equipment such as cameras and play ground toys, we pay for essential repairs to the playground equipment and for installation of new equipment, and we also contribute towards the cost of school trips to subsidise the cost to parents.

To raise money we hold various events throughout the school calendar, such as
  • School Fair
  • Discos
  • Tea/Coffee mornings at open events and assemblies
  • Cake stalls
  • Raffles
  • Non school uniform days
e.g June 2018 open day was an amazing success, during the hour for the picnic we held a tea/coffee stall, a cake stall, a used book stall and uniform stall, we also had a raffle with some amazing prizes. In the one hour we had at the picnic we raised around £900!! This is a phenomenal amount of money in such a short space of time all of which will be used to benefit the pupils at GPFS.

Once all costs are covered all the money is put back into school. Here is a list of just some of the things the money raised by the Friends of GPFS has paid for in the last year:
  • Pantomime at school
  • Subsidised cost for school trips (for example Year 4 visited Alnwick Garden in July 2018 – this trip
  • should have cost £15pp but with the contribution from the PTFA this was reduced to £10pp making it more affordable for parents)
  • The installation of a new tunnel in the EYFS garden to replace the willow tunnel
  • Repairs to the trim trail area in the main school yard
And many many other things….
If you have any suggestions for other ways we could support the school and how the money raised could be used please let us know either by email, contacting your class rep or attending our next meeting.