Feedback from Parents

Thank you so much for completing the questionnaires and returning them to school. 225 questionnaires were sent out and 128 were returned.

We are delighted that the vast majority of the returns were in the strongly agree/agree categories.

Below are some of the responses from parents in answer to Q21 What do you think we do really well at the school?

  • This is a great school for nurturing and caring for the children’s different needs.

  • Encourage good values and behaviour, encourage responsibility and reward good effort and work.

  • I think the school keeps me/parents informed on what’s happening within the school and how my children are doing really well. The school supports parents and children – excellent! Thank you.

  • We think the teaching staff care about providing a friendly and secure environment in which the kids can learn. The school has a strong community feel and overall we are very pleased with the environment and education received.

  • Lovely, nice, welcoming and comfortable environment for learning. Good focus on depth of learning.

  • My children love coming to school so you’re definitely doing lots of things well! They are enthused, confident and happy so I think the school has really developed those things. They’re bright and eager to learn, built on by the school.

  • I feel the children have made great progress with their reading. They have the opportunity to change their books frequently, when the time is right.

  • Listening to the children and engaging with them. My kids have always been inspired and motivated.

  • Creating a caring and nurturing environment taking into account pupil’s feelings. This instils a sense of empathy and caring in the children.

  • The teachers are really good here at Gosforth Park. Right decision to attend here!

  • Quality of teaching is good. Like problem solving methods

  • Stretch and challenge is evident. Praise and rewards. Know each child well.

  • The community is good, rewards kids well, newsletter very helpful, PTA very active, Christmas shows well organized.

  • The level of communication between home and school is very good.

  • Provide a caring and safe environment for the children.

  • Instil a sense of caring for others and empathy.

  • Supports my child to respect others.

  • Making learning fun for the children. Helping build children’s confidence.

  • Learning experiences/trips, keeping parents informed via newsletter, homework challenges using the new books (Literacy and Numeracy each week).

  • Effective procedures are in place for keeping children safe. I am extremely pleased and reassured by the diligence regarding medicines and first aid. Helpful and approachable teachers who make learning fun, my children love school.

  • My child enjoys coming to school and is happy at school. The school has a welcoming and warm environment.

  • I think that this school is really good at making my child progress in school.

  • Any concerns from the parents are dealt with in a very professional and timely manner. Appropriate homework is given.

Areas for Development

In response to Q22 What areas do you think the school needs to improve on? there were three main themes that were identified within the responses to the survey; Communication, Clubs and Homework.


Our weekly newsletter is emailed to parents on a Friday afternoon and is also placed on the front page of our website and in the Parent section under Newsletters. We try to make this our main way to communicate important messages from school but will email or text as appropriate too.

We are pleased to hear from our parents that the use of Parent Pay and Tapestry has improved communication.

We try to give advanced notice of dates as far as possible but sometimes last minute opportunities arise for the children which we do not want to miss out on.

Our parents are very hardworking and we know that for many of you it is difficult to catch either myself, or teachers in person at the start or end of the school day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via


Lots of you said you would like to see more clubs on offer and appreciated the fact that having Out of School Club in the hall before and after school made this difficult.

We are excited by the opportunities that the proposed expansion to the site will bring, however we will be seeing what we can do to address this before that time.


Some parents commented that they would like more homework while other said they would like less. We will continue to review this.

For those parents who would like more to do at home there are lots of activities on Oxford Owl, Mathletics, Times Table Rock Stars and PurpleMash. If you don’t have your log in details, please see your child’s class teacher.

We are pleased that our new homework books are proving to be a hit with parents and pupils.

We will continue to give you as much information as possible via the weekly newsletter, school website, texts and emails. We strive to look at ways to improve communication with you but would be very grateful if you could advise school if you don’t receive emails, texts etc.

Once again many thanks for your help in ensuring that we all work together for the best interests of the children and the School.